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PRODUCED BY NYC2016  – an event by the Producers Guild Of America

What a great event and what inspiring lecturers.

Among them were Iain Canning, Donna Gigliotti, Anne Carey, and Sarah Green.


Congrats to Alexandra Breckenridge! Winning Best Supporting actress for DARK!! ‪#‎MILANFILMFEST‬

A huge congratulations to one of our favorite actresses Alexandra Breckenridge for winning BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS at the Milan International Film Festival 2015.



Joe Dante’s World Goes ‘Dark’ For Michael Eklund

Michael Eklund (“The Call”) and Brandon Sexton (“Boys Don’t Cry”) have rounded out the cast of the psychological thriller “Dark,” with shooting set for late June in New York.

Nick Basile (“American Carny”) will direct from a script written by Elias (“Gut”). Read more

CANNES: Michael Eklund Heads to ‘Dark’ with Joe Dante Exec Producing


David McNary – Film Reporter – @Variety_DMcNary

Michael Eklund (“The Call”) and Brandon Sexton (“Boys Don’t Cry”) have rounded out the cast of the psychological thriller “Dark,” with shooting set for late June in New York.

Nick Basile (“American Carny”) will direct from a script written by Elias (“Gut”).

Kathryn Belli, Dave Boulton, Basile, and Elias will produce alongside executive producer Joe Dante (“Gremlins”) and his company Renfield Productions.

Whitney Able (“Monsters”) and Alexandra Breckenridge (“American Horror Story”) lead the cast. Able stars as a disturbed young woman who must confront her worst fears when she finds herself trapped alone in a New York City loft during the 2003 blackout.

Minerva Pictures is selling “Dark” to international buyers at Cannes.

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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

The Power Rangers have vanished. Lord Zedd, their greatest enemy, has been defeated. The world is saved. Tommy Oliver, no longer the White Ranger, is in exile; running…hiding…waiting…for evil to find him again.

The world has moved on. Now, 20 years later, Lord Zedd has returned – stronger, faster and nastier. Slowly regaining his powers and at the helm of a new army, he is looking for revenge against Tommy.

Haunted by his past and having given up on fighting for the world, Tommy is tracked down by Zedd and his minions. But with the help of a mysterious woman, they discover that Zedd is looking for more than revenge…much more.

Now, to stop the forces of evil, Tommy and this mysterious woman seek help in stopping Zedd : an underground street fighter looking to do battle with anyone and everyone, twin sisters as different as night and day, seeking to protect the earth more than its people, and a police officer who’s no stranger to villains.

Together, Tommy and his new team are all that stands between Zedd and the end of the world. Will they triumph, or will Zedd finally destroy his greatest threat once and for all?

Reformed, repowered, the POWER RANGERS are back.

Follow the film:

Our next film shoots in Princeton University!!

Short film French Kiss The Devil will be in production this summer in Princeton University.

The Princeton media and communication department have been extremely helpful and welcoming of our film and we look forward to having their breathtaking location add so much beauty in our film.

Stay tuned….

“Homesick” submitted to its home festival!

HOMESICK has been the fastest we’ve ever made a film from script to the big screen…

Having the pressure of the film festival deadlines we had to meet certainly made every department move fast. So fast that the film was ready to be submitted in festivals within a month and a half from the first day of preproduction.

It looks amazing thanks to our Director Matt Foster and our Cinematographer Eric Giovon and of course the rest of the team that worked hard and made it possible for us to have this film ready by May 9th for the biggest short film festival in the world!!!!

IMAX commercial for OZ

Really high winds in Central Park where we are shooting the last day of the IMAX experience of OZ The Great & Powerful!!!!

After a few major bumps because of the weather we have managed to get all our shots and are ready for the final steps to an unbelievable dreamy video!

Where have all the great actors gone?

We are starting auditions for our next film and have been dealing with casting and going through headshots for a while. We are looking for the next Anthony Hopkins – Maggie Smith – quality actor.

Does it matter that they both went from theater to motion picture?

I call their depth rare, I call their method “Acting with the eyes”… So rare to find nowadays. Any actors that feel confident that after years of training and experience have acquired this level of acting please contact us for an audition.

We truly look forward to discovering you!!!!