Starring: Whitney Able, Alexandra Breckenridge, Michael Eklund, and Brendan Sexton

Set in NYC during the blackout of 2003, Kate, a struggling 30-something model with a troubled past, has just moved into her girlfriend Leah’s Brooklyn loft, but already doubts about their relationship have begun to loom. When Leah leaves for the weekend, Kate unexpectedly finds herself alone in the apartment in the midst of the worst blackout in North American history. As darkness falls over the city, Kate’s paranoia grows and she begins to believe someone in the building is stalking her. With no one to help her and escape out of reach, Kate is forced to confront her deepest fears as she fights to survive through the night.

Executive Producers: Joe Dante, Benny Ash, Raphael J. H. Hickman, and Sultan Saeed Al Darmaki
Producers: Nick Basile, David Boulton, Kathryn Balli, and Aliki Paraschis
Writer: Elias
Editor: Bryan Reali
Cinematographer: Trent Ermes
Production Designer: Alexandra Kaucher
Costume Designer: Cindy Lahif

WINNER – Best Supporting Actress: Alexandra Breckenridge – MILAN International Film Festival 2015