Finding your way can mean losing your mind in the process…

An isolated elderly woman, in desperate need of stimulation, conjures an infestation of silk-spinning caterpillars, thus leading her to a mind-bending epiphany.

‘Caterpillar’ is a cerebral drama, filmed in the historical Wynkoop House, famous for housing George Washington. The crew consists of highly esteemed artists working across a wide spectrum of disciplines. This includes director of photography Eric Giovon (The Suspect), special effects artist Ben Bornstein (300, The Fighter), visual effects artist Greg Silverman (Black Swan), and editor, Corey Bayes (Haywire, Contagion, The Informant, Che). From storyline through production, Caterpillar is an ode to the creative process. This film is a must-see for anyone who has ever submitted to their imagination and felt transformed by an idea.

Writter: David Field
Cinematographer: Eric Giovon
Production Designer: Christopher Stone
Composer: Ronald Aubrey Connor
Costume Designer: Simone Lourenço

WINNER – BEST SHORT FILM – Eerie Horror Film Festival 2012
WINNER – PDN Photo Annual 2013