Hobbit Alarm in Central Park

New York. Not thinking of anything, I suddenly found myself in the midst of a bunch of hobbits. “Where is the castle?”, they called out, probably referring to the weather station in Central Park. They were such a riot; I couldn’t get my camera off them. The feisty group was gone as quickly as they had appeared out the blue; they have a dragon to fight.
“The Hobbit – The desolation of Smaug” will be in the movies on December 13th. I am all excited and can hardly wait to follow them into Tolkien’s magnificent fantasy world.

By Heidi B.


IMAX commercial for OZ

Really high winds in Central Park where we are shooting the last day of the IMAX experience of OZ The Great & Powerful!!!!

After a few major bumps because of the weather we have managed to get all our shots and are ready for the final steps to an unbelievable dreamy video!

Check Out Our very New York ZipCar Commercial!!!!

Our amazing Director Andrew W. Flores directs a commercial for ZipCar. Taking full advantage of the beautiful city of New York, we bring you an up beat, fresh, and full of energy spot for the most convenient way to move around… ZipCar!

Amber Rose editorial is OUT!!!!

BlackBook Magazine June/July issue is out everywhere… Check it out in any magazine store near you!

You can also see the video on this site under commercials or on BlackBook Magazine’s videos at:


Looks amazing – Congrats to everyone who made this happen… Great job! Really Great job!!!!!!

Zip Car Commercial… prep has begun!

Shooting end of May – June for two days this smart and catchy concept which will definitely make you smile… Might have to wait for our amazing director Andrew Flores to come back from Spain but he’s worth the wait…

His shot list and story boards are just insane!!!!

Prepare for some out-of-the-box genius coverage…

Incredible Shoot… long hours!!!

It’s amazing how it always turns out to be an unbelievable experience working with talented people…

From my incredibly talented director David Field, to the amazing vision of Cinematographer Eric Giovon, to the fantastic stylist Chris Campbell, to everyone else working that day and making this shoot turn out as fabulous as it did… and last but not least to the unbelievably sexy and super cool Amber Rose, her great publicist James Campbell, and everyone else on her team… Big shout out to everyone!!!! Thank you guys!

You were all a blast and I hope ADIUVO Productions gets to work with everyone very soon again… See you in LA 😉